Suction SUP Adjustable Water bottle Beer can holder - Black

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The Suction SUP by VAMO is an adjustable angle drink holding machine. No matter who is paddling and where, you can never escape the thirst for water (or Beer). The quick set adjustable screw allows for the max comfort level in which you need to have access to your water (or Beer). 

  • Cage is made a flexi-strong polycarbonate which means It's strong enough to flex out and hold your oversized water bottle but soft enough that if you take a spill and fall on it your ribs won't find it overly terrible. It's circumference fits a 12oz can of pop (or Beer) comfortably. 
  • Oversized suction cup means your cage isn't going anywhere.
  • On / Off switch to let you know when the cup is securely fastened to the deck of the board / car / fridge / boat / lawn mower / or generally anywhere else you can think to stick a cup holder. To work press button first to push air out of cup and then flip up lever to ensure a solid lock.