9' Full Coiled SUP Paddleboard Leash - Vibrant Collection

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Color: Caribbean

Size: 9'

SKU VMO1-02-1011
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VAMO's Vibrant Collection of leashes is designed to match your colorful personality to your ankle buddy. That feeling when peanut butter met jelly can be relived when you introduce your board to its soul mate. Between the Vibrant and Classic collection of VAMO leashes, there isn't a board on the market unhappy with the care in which we have taken to match color pallets. 

VAMO leashes are perfect to paddle any flat water, rivers, down winding, kiting, foiling, winging, or SUP surfing. It's a universal leash made for paddlers of all shapes and sizes. 

Enjoy the comfort you didn't know you wanted with these features that make owning a VAMO leash the best life saving device you own. 

VAMO Strong - VAMO leashes are made with high quality 6mm TPU urethane allowing for a feather weight feel while paddling yet maintaining hurricane swell strength. Whether you are paddling on the sunset kissed waterways on a gentle cruise or down-winding double overhead swell in the Gorge you can rest assured your board will never leave your ankle. 

VAMO Comfort - Just because your leash is strong doesn't mean it needs to dig into your ankle. The reinforced neoprene quilted ankle cuff wraps around your ankle and conforms to the contours of your skin so you can paddle in comfort. VAMO has an integrated rigid backing where the leash attaches to the ankle cuff to make sure any torque on your ankle is transferred throughout the cuff and not digging into your achilles. 

Tangle and Hassle FREE - Double swivels at the cuff and board rail saver means your leash is free to roam while you walk up and down your board like a ballerina without getting tangled in your leash. The double web rail saver protects your board from scuffs and scrapes while you venture into waters of all types.

Features - Quick release ankle cuff and key pocket keeps your car safe while you enjoy the water.  

Lifetime Warranty - We are surfers, paddlers, and enthusiasts of anything that takes us outdoors. We use and love our equipment daily. You should be worried about how to enjoy your adventures free from worry about how your gear will perform. It's what we expect from our products. If it fails during the normal cycle of life from a product we will replace your gear. Let's Go! 

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