Adjustable Fiberglass Kayak Paddles (2 sizes)

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VAMO Adjustable Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

VAMO's kayak paddle adjusts in length and blade angle with the turn of a lever lock adjustment. Your paddle will have a large number of options to choose from to make your kayak perfect for you. This paddle is perfect for both touring and sit in kayaks! The 240-260cm paddle works perfect with kayak fishing because the boats have adjusting seats that can change the angle of the paddler, which changes the desired length of your paddle! The 220-230cm is for shorter paddlers and smaller kayak use. 


  • Adjusts in length and blade angle
  • Easily adjust by turning lever lock
  • Allows you to make it the perfect fit for you 
  • Perfect for fishing kayaks
  • Lightweight


  • Material: fiberglass composite shaft
  • Asymmetrical Blade: ABS rigid molded